Easton Stealth CX HyperLite



Designed for shooters, low kick point with an elipital profile, a stiff blade and Hypter-Toe construction. The shaft is a true one piece constructed with an extra tough resin and carbon fiber matrix. 

With Bauer's purchase of Easton the CX is planned to be the last top of the line stick made by Easton! Their latest model Stealth, the CX Hyperlite offers all the same great features that once made it the most popular stick on the planet, along with added durability and strength. Get one now while they last! 


  • Most come in grip but please specify in the notes section at checkout if required (Ex. grip or non-grip, or extended/tall)
  • Many players use the most popular patterns featured at the retail level while others use custom patterns. Some of these sticks are retail models. 

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