Bauer Supreme Total One


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Conceived for the power player, the Supreme TotalOne stick was engineered with one core design principle: Maximize the player's shooting performance,
while exerting minimum effort.  A simple enough concept, but how would it work? Low flex sticks load the easiest but high flex sticks pack the most power. If only there was a way to combine the two.  Enter the TotalOne.  With a simple stroke of genius, Bauer designed a stick that loads easily yet powerfully and delivers effortless release on wrist shots and fully-loaded heavy slap shots.

Play with what the Pros use! All of our pro stock sticks come straight from professional, college, or junior level teams. Many players use the most popular patterns featured at the retail level while others use custom patterns (learn about our custom blade classifications).

Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufactures warranty.

Note: this item has limited stock. 

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