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The reality of the Junior Hockey stick market today is that most players want to play with top end composite sticks, however due to the durability of these sticks very few teams are able to supply them.  In many cases the teams and players (who rarely have jobs) cannot afford the costs of a season of top end composites.  Understanding that junior programs will vary in wants and needs, Walshy Stick Repair builds custom solutions to help teams and players get the most out of their sticks. Walshy stick repair can help junior teams reduce their stick budget and/or be a part of providing top end sticks to players. 


Walshy stick repair offers the following options to Junior teams........................
  • Bulk sales of re-constructed top end sticks.
  • All different types of fixes and reinforcements.
  • Pick up, repair , then delivery (quantities of eight or more).
  • Reduced rates for players on teams (in exchange for marketing). 
  • Purchase of broken sticks off junior teams (see selling your broken sticks).
  • Stick re-inforcements


Junior programs may be inclined to think that they can do stick repair themselves. Teams that have tried have run into the following issues:  

1. High start up costs - stick repair equipment (along with the many other supplies necessary) is expensive. 
2. Finding the right person - stick repair is time consuming and tedious work, teams would need to hire someone to do the job. 
3. Learning and Training - stick repair is difficult, therefore it requires lots of learning and training. 
4. Volume - only being able to do one/two sticks at a time. 
5. Quality - inexperience brings less desirable repair jobs. 
6. Temperature - repairs require space in a warm room for 2-3 days. 

Walshy stick repair's are done by trained, experienced professionals and the performance of the repair is guaranteed.   The repair shop is setup with all the proper tools, is kept at the ideal curing temperature, and has multiple alignment clamps giving us the ability to fix several sticks at once. More importantly HockeyStickMan has a wide variety of top end repaired sticks for sale at a fraction of thier original price, giving the player the sticks he wants for the price that the team/player can afford.  X

The Pro Blackout

Your top of the line - 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and maintains the durability to withstand the demands of the pro game.

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Expansion lineup!

The Pro Blackout series has evolved to include gloves, skates, and goalie sticks! These high-quality items are manufactured without the branding, giving you access to the best quality gear, while not having to pay top-dollar for the name on them.

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