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Save on Team Sticks

HockeyStickMan works with over 50 College, Junior, and Professional level teams throughout North America.  We build custom solutions with each team to help their stick budgets.  This includes;

-  Selling them more durable high end stick options

-  Purchasing broken sticks off of the teams

-  Purchasing left over NEW/USED pro stock sticks off of the teams 

-  Repairing their sticks

-  Selling our new, used, and refurbished sticks to teams

-  Offering tips and insights from the market


Starting in 2014-15 HockeyStickMan is introducing the new technology of Nano-Nickel and the COLT hockey stick to teams!

We understand that hockey clubs do not want to sacrifice player performance, nor the integrity of their respective programs by purchasing cheaper hockey sticks, but they are looking for ways to save.  

The COLT is a light weight top end composite hockey stick featuring a thin layer of Nano-Nickel (to protect the blade and hosel of the stick) and reinforced composite material (making it thicker and stronger).  It has been specifically designed and constructed by industry professionals for stick responsiveness (POP) to last longer. 

Your going to want your players to try them out.  That is why we have created demo packs (3 RH, and 3 LH sticks) so that you can get them into the hands of your players and see for yourself. (Learn more about the stick)


We only work with high level teams (where broken sticks are otherwise in excellent condition) using top end sticks.

The Pro Blackout

Your top of the line - 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and maintains the durability to withstand the demands of the pro game.

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Expansion lineup!

The Pro Blackout series has evolved to include gloves, skates, and goalie sticks! These high-quality items are manufactured without the branding, giving you access to the best quality gear, while not having to pay top-dollar for the name on them.

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