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How to Save Money on Hockey Sticks?

There is a reason why everyone playing hockey at the elite levels use top end, light weight composite hockey sticks.  They are unmatched in feeling and performance.  You want to use them but how can you do so and still save some money?

We specialize in a list of options that are all designed to help people save money on hockey sticks.  We work with over 85 Pro, College, and Junior teams across North America so people have access to new, used, and repaired (we call them refurbished) hockey sticks.  We do not have do marketing, advertising, or expensive sponsorships. We simply post brand names sticks at unbeatable prices on our website and let word of mouth take it from there, and it has.  

Check out our recommended options for saving;

Using a proven method of composite hockey stick repair we seal the pieces of two pro stock sticks (in otherwise excellent condition) back together with an internal fix that minimizes visual disturbance and performance, back it up with a 35 day guarantee on the repaired portion of the stick.  

To good to be true? We all thought that way at first!  But our customers not only return but quite often refer friends and teammates, 20,000+ and counting Learn More


How often do you use your warranty? Its great comfort but most don't have the chance!  Pro Stock Sticks are hard to find, but you can sometimes find them at a great rate (we sell for $79-$179).

In addition they tend to be more reinforced and give you slightly more POP. | learn more  


Composite Blade

If you break your blade your shaft is still good, if you break your shaft your blade is still good.  There is a good reason why manufactures and stores are no longer doing two piece sticks.....

Note: There are two types of blades on the market.  Traditional Hosel and Elliptical profile, if your going to do this ensure you get the right match!    



OPTION 4 | BALL HOCKEY STICKS (Geographically Limited) 

 We also bring in used sticks, some are in mint condition, others come with chips, slight cracks, and micro-fractures in the blade.  We sell them for $5-$85.  

Over the last few years we have put these ones in a clearance section at our shop and they have gotten the term ball hockey sticks (although they are still frequently used for ice hockey).  Rationale being that many people don't want to ruin their ice hockey sticks and/or don't want to spend that much on ball hockey. 

Belleville area - 613.396.5471

Toronto area - 905.624.2063 or


DO NOT USE YOUR ICE HOCKEY STICK FOR BALL! - As mentioned earlier the rough surfaces and not using tape destroy the bottom porition of your blade very quickly. If you play both do not make this mistake.  

Use Tape - If you don't mind the feel of tape on your ball hockey stick then use it! That said I don't like it, but it will really help protect the blade.  Perhaps consider covering the toe (to protect from chips) or taping any surface cracks.

Use older sticks - This goes without saying, but if you play ice hockey and ball hockey, use the older ones for ball hockey as you can get away with a little less POP in the stick and using slightly blemished blades. However, as laid out above there are cheap options for a nice feeling/performing stick, don't use a piece of sh#t!

Always have 3 sticks - Composite sticks are great, but they break, A LOT, even in ball hockey. So make sure you bring a backup to every game/practice. Don't be that guy looking to use someone else's.  Most people these days are busy, so if your not prepared (a third stick at home) you'll have to rush out and buy whatever is convenient (not the way to get the stick you want for the best price).

The Pro Blackout

Your top of the line - 100% Carbon hockey stick. Built for performance and maintains the durability to withstand the demands of the pro game.

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Expansion lineup!

The Pro Blackout series has evolved to include gloves, skates, and goalie sticks! These high-quality items are manufactured without the branding, giving you access to the best quality gear, while not having to pay top-dollar for the name on them.

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