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Throughout all aspects of the game people are frustrated with high performance hockey sticks.  We all love how they perform but dread the day they break.  Parents and players often complain about how many sticks they have to purchase in a season.  Our answer is simple, have you tried a COLT Hockey stick yet?  You can buy a COLT factory direct from the engineers that created it.....what your getting is a top of the line carbon composite hockey stick finished with a protective coating of nano metal.  Its much stronger and arguably better performing. In fact it was good enough to be used during NHL hockey games. 

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Although we were very happy with the COLT Gen.1, there was still room for improvement. With the COLT 2 lineup we have added a 65 flex intermediate stick, updated our patterns, and have implemented new shaft graphics and decal. The sticks are lighter, feature a custom designed compression molded flex profile (so that the stick flex is completely accurate after our application of Nanovate NiCo), and have a new patented Intebond process for better adhesion and blade performance.

The COLT 2 line gives the player the option between the ultimate in Power and Durability – the COLT 2 – and Optimal Feel and Performance – the COLT 2 RAW.


We are down to our last few racks of COLT Gen.1’s and although they will always carry a special place in our hearts we are moving forward with the new line of sticks. While some remain, many of the different pattern and flex combinations are now sold out. We are very thankful to the many supporters and COLT Community members who have made this achievement possible! If you’re interested in purchasing a Gen.1, feel free to contact us!




Standard Senior Size – 60” from the heel of the blade to the top of the shaft. Coming soon we will be offering the COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW in a 62″ shaft, customers will be able to select a tall option when ordering.


COLT 2 = Approx. 450 g

COLT 2 RAW = Approx. 425 g



Standard Intermediate Size – 58″ from the heel of the blade to the top of the shaft.


COLT 2 = Approx. 445 g

COLT 2 RAW = Approx. 420 g

COLT Gen.1 = Approx. 455g (485-495 with graphics and finish)


While all COLT Hockey sticks exhibit enhanced durability, each stick design is best suited for specific playing surfaces. It is recommended that the COLT Gen.1 and COLT 2 be used exclusively on Ice and Roller Hockey surfaces, while the COLT 2 RAW can be used within Ice, Roller, and Ball Hockey environments.

It is recommended that cement and asphalt surfaces be avoided to truly maintain the overall integrity of the stick, most notably in terms of further protecting the COLT blade from common wear and tear over prolonged periods of time.

I've had my composite stick for years - why should I get a COLT?

The COLT's engineering prolongs the feel of a new stick. Regardless of how long a composite stick has lasted without failing catastrophically it is widely observed that after several games a brand new composite becomes "spongy" and less reactive. So while it may last, it does not perform as well as it once did. The COLT is engineered to protect the new feel.

Additionally, the construction of typical composite sticks leave them susceptible to "hairline fractures" with every hack and slash they encounter. In other words, every time your composite stick gets hit it sustains a very small crack, which is what leads to the stick failing catastrophically when you take your best shot of the season. The COLT design eliminates this form of damage and thereby prevents untimely failures.

Furthermore, for those playing a sufficiently competitive level of hockey, the COLT is the first stick engineered to endure the rough nature of the game, thereby decreasing the amount of sticks a player must purchase each year. By purchasing a COLT it is our hope that your yearly expenditure on hockey equipment is reduced considerably.

Which curve patterns are offered in the COLT 2 lineup?

This season, COLT has been able to drastically expand our curve pattern selection, providing players with more choice!

Curve Offerings:

For a full list of our expanded curve selection, feel free to check out our COLT 2 and COLT 2 RAW Curve Pattern Charts below: 

Can you purchase a custom-designed COLT?

Due to an outpouring of requests from supporters, we have just begun discussing potential customization options for COLTs upon ordering, but are still a few months away from implementing them. The COLT is currently offered in a sleek, two-tone, black and white design.

How long is the current wait for a COLT upon purchase?

If your desired SKU is in stock, shipments upon ordering shouldn't take more than 2-3 business days.

How can I track my order?

Your COLT will be packaged and scanned before exiting our facility, with shipping information and a tracking number immediately sent to the purchaser via email. If you did not get your order confirmation, please check your SPAM and Junk folders and add to your whitelist to ensure you get your tracking email.

Can the COLT shaft be cut or extended?

Just like any other elite composite on the market, the shaft of the COLT can be extended or cut down to suit individual playing preferences and height requirements.

Is the COLT blade coated?

The entire bottom portion of the COLT Gen.1 and COLT 2 (24 inches up the shaft including the blade) is coated with Integran’s patented nano-nickel-cobalt alloy (Nanovate NiCo) to reinforce the “high fracture zone” of the stick and features a fully nano-encapsulated blade to reduce typical forms of wear and tear along the curve edge, as well as prevent crack propagation along the blade face. It is important to note that the extent of friction the blade curve experiences in game will determine the overall duration of full nano coverage along the aforementioned area. The COLT 2 RAW features an uncoated blade to minimize weight and to provide a feel similar to that of a conventional composite stick – allowing players to make the transition from composite to nanomaterial with ease.

Why isn’t the entire COLT coated with the patented nanomaterial?

The COLT design features nano-coating throughout the bottom portion of the shaft and blade in order to achieve a perfect compromise between lightweight, elite feel and significantly increased durability – all the while remaining as flexible as any elite composite currently on the market. Although early prototypes experimented with fully nano-coated shafts, to address potential safety concerns first and foremost, as well as maintain a low weight-ratio and precise balance point, COLT materials engineers have constructed both the exposed composite and nanomaterial sections of the shaft to maintain optimal in-game performance characteristics.

Has there been any interest from former or current NHL players?

Although COLT demo testing was primarily focused on semi-pro hockey players, with word on the COLT spreading to all levels of the game, we have received several requests from pro-hockey teams and players to experience the COLT first hand. That being said, the COLT 2 lineup received NHL approval earlier this year, and made its official debut in game during the 2014/2015 NHL Season. Visit our blog to learn more!

Does the COLT conform to ice and ball hockey guidelines/requirements?

The COLT design abides by all current NHL equipment and stick regulations, including but not limited to materials utilized, shaft length, and blade curve dimensions. There are currently no regulations against the use of metallic materials on hockey sticks for use in professional as well as recreational ice and ball hockey leagues across the country, but we do advise that every independent league’s gameplay regulations are subject to change without notice, and the use of the COLT can at times be subject to referee approval on a game-by-game basis.

Is the COLT unbreakable?

The concept behind the COLT was not to design a completely indestructible hockey stick, but one that would greatly improve upon the standard of quality and reliability that has been deemed acceptable by today’s most accomplished brands. As listed above, an indestructible stick would lose its elite performance and flexibility and be considered unsafe for a game-play environment. The COLT is a highly reinforced hockey stick, intended to mitigate fractures and failures in the areas that demonstrate frequent breakages that can determine the outcome of a game.

The goal was to reach a compromise between exponential strength gains as well as weight and flexibility management. As with any valuable tool or piece of equipment, the COLT should not be subjected to abuse in excess of regular gameplay. The nano-nickel coating, while incredibly durable against impact, is only nanometers thin and may flake under excessive friction forces, such as those presented by untreated cement or unfinished pavement playing surfaces. Flaking and chipping, however, will not decrease the COLT’s overall strength and ability to withstand excessive forces of stress and strain along the shaft

Can the COLT be purchased in a retail setting?

As a means to keep the price of the COLT at an affordable level and with the cost of manufacturing utilizing cutting-edge materials being quite high, COLT Hockey has decided to primarily offer the COLT online, direct to consumers with a few retail partners. In the near future, as our production methods become more efficient and cost-effective, we will be looking to expand into more traditional retail settings.

What are your plans for recycling/disposing of the stick when the user is done with it?

The COLT will not require special disposal considerations. The metallic component of the COLT is fully recyclable using existing technology. For the epoxy-based carbon-fiber components, we have yet to identify suitable recycling protocols; however, we are interacting with leading industry experts in the aerospace and defense sectors to remain abreast of developments in this area. However, with a longer lasting hockey stick, we believe that COLT offers a product with an overall lower environmental footprint.


COLT Hockey would love to be able to offer a JR. or Goal stick as part of our lineup of products.  In particular, we understand and sympathize with goaltenders who need to purchase multiple sticks throughout the year. As we currently stand, production costs will be too high to effectively design and produce a JR. or Goal stick that would meet the COLT standard of product excellence and be viable within the market.  However, we continue to explore the possibilities!


This product is proudly made in Canada.


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