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Why we gave away $250,000 in store credits during a pandemic

Why we gave away $250,000 in store credits during a pandemic

For the past two years we have talked about implementing a points program as a means to thank our loyal customers. We want to thank everyone, from those who are making their first purchase with us, to those who have been buying sticks off us since the beginning.  We have decided to make our points retroactive and this will result in hundreds of people having enough points for a brand new stick and thousands more to receive other free products or great discounts on their next purchase.  

Just like most businesses, we have felt the impact of this pandemic, so you may be wondering, why do this now? Simply put, it's about our customer. Since the pandemic hit we have been trying to do our best to help our customers through it. We felt that our supporters could use a token of appreciation now more than ever.

Although HSM has the support of friends and family, many of the people that have helped build our company are people we have never met. While e-commerce is a faceless transaction, it is not without a human element.  Early on we would often notice an order from an area we have not had a purchase from before and then a week later we would see two or three more from the same community. It has always been about people we don't know spreading the word, supporting our business. Never before has this been on display as much as it was this past March and April. Due to the pandemic, no-one was playing hockey yet we continued to sell sticks. To us, the message is loud and clear: people are simply supporting what we do, and to those people we thank you.   

The next time you log into your HockeyStickMan account, you will see points for every purchase you have ever made. There is no minimum purchase to redeem your points.

I hope this message finds everyone in good health and happiness.

All the best, 

Joey Walsh and the HSM family

P.S - We are just in the process of adding HSM Training to our site.  A full list of products to play the game (or practice) at home. They will be available to redeem for points as well!

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