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HeadsUp - In Support of Concussion Awareness

HeadsUp - In Support of Concussion Awareness

We all share the same passion – Hockey.

At HockeyStickMan we know the love for our great sport as well as anyone, having been highly involved at all levels of play. As we have now launched our newest section of Gear and Equipment, we wanted to find a way to be an informative resource for this component of the game. A rising concern in hockey is the risk of concussions, and although helmets are now more advanced than ever, they do not protect from the risks of a concussion in a fast-paced sport – contact or not. We want to make a personal note to all players to please be responsible when dealing with concussions and the recovery along with it. Our game is a great one, so let’s make sure we can all enjoy it properly!

To help provide a resource to our customers on concussions, we have teamed up with HeadsUp. Their goal is to generate awareness and provide education through informative sources about head trauma, and fundraising for concussion research, with the goal of creating a holistic culture around head trauma and ensuing side effects. For more resources on concussions, or for those of you looking to connect with others who have experienced a concussion, visit their site and check out their concussion resources. https://www.headsupcan.ca/concussion-resources

In addition to the resources, this Partnership will also provide a 10% discount on all helmets on our site for the next 2 weeks using the code HEADSUP at checkout.

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