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New 2018 Floorball Xoro (Zorro / TriX) Sticks

Once again this holiday season the Zorro / Trick stick is on every young hockey players' Christmas list.  Unfortunately it has been very difficult to get one! HockeyStickMan has worked hard to be the # 1 source online, providing the best service, price and selection.  We are happy to announce that on Dec 20 we received the new 2018 Trick sticks: 

The NEW XORO (ZORRO) stick is taking TriX to the next level! The new innovative design by Pavel Barber and the Floorball+ Team has been engineered by Accufli with the Creative HKY player in mind...every detail...from the grip, the shaft, and the newly engineered XOROTRiX Blade.  

We have been waiting on this stick to arrive for 7 months and are super excited now that it is here.  The demand for the trick sticks is unbelievable and they are so hard to find! These are the newest ones that young players don't even know about yet, and we expect them to be huge! 

This is not just a toy, these are top of the line carbon composite floorball sticks used by the top players in the game.  Floorball is very popular in Europe and quickly growing in in North America.  Floorball sticks are a great way to improve your kids game, and it just so happens to be a lot of fun!



More information on Trick Sticks:   

1) Exel Trick Sticks 

Exel sticks are mostly sold out everywhere and there will not be more Exel arriving in 2017.  We have not gotten any information on if Exel will be producing Trick sticks in 2018. 

2) Salming Trick Sticks 

Most of the 2016 Salming Trick Stick (Purple/Orange/White) are sold out everywhere, including here.  We were able to get a few at the last minute and they are currently available.

The 2017 Salming Trick Stick (Pink/White/Black) are sold out here.  They are less popular among young boys, so may be available in some stores. 

HockeyStickMan will be carrying the 2018 Salming Trick Stick.  Due to arrive in in April. 

HockeyStickMan understands that a lot of kids are really looking forward to these sticks and we have done our best to get them out to customers as soon as possible.

We wish you all a happy holiday season. 

Joey Walsh 

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