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Wyatt Johnston Stick Spec Check

Wyatt Johnston Stick Spec Check

What stick does Wyatt Johnston use?


Wyatt Johnston scored the goal of his life on Monday night, roofing one backhand late in Game 7 to put the Stars past the Kraken and into the Western Conference Finals. The 2021 1st round pick is no stranger to producing though, having put up 46 goals and 124 points last year in just 68 games with the OHL's Windsor Spitfires.

This Warrior Alpha DX would have been from Johnston's time with the Spits, as evidenced by the custom endcap and logo on the shaft - a nice feature of Warrior's pro team program. In addition to this Warrior, we've seen Johnston use True sticks with Team Canada and now a Bauer with Dallas, so it seems like he's still open to experimenting at this stage of his career.

Johnston's specs are very simple regardless of brand - a whippy 75 flex shaft and classic W03/P92 curve that has been the standard since the "Sakic" days. Johnston does use an extended height shaft despite the low flex, something that used to be fairly rare, but we are seeing more frequently these days among young players like Wyatt.

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