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What Length Should my Hockey Skates Laces be?

What Length Should my Hockey Skates Laces be?

In hockey, there aren’t many things more important than snug and secure skates. To ensure a consistently comfortable fit, you have to make sure you choose the laces that are the appropriate length for your skate size. Laces that are too short can come undone easily, while laces that are too long can get caught under your blade and trip you. 

 The chart below provides a general guideline for lace sizing.

Hockey Skate Lace Size Chart

Keep in mind, not all hockey skates are exactly the same. Some skates have more or less eyelets, while others may be designed for a smaller or wider foot. To get the most accurate measurement of how long your laces should be for your particular skates, follow these steps: 


  1. Measure the length between the bottom eyelets closest to the toe of your skates.

  2. Count the number of eyelets up one side of the skate.

  3. Multiply your measurement in step 1 by the number of eyelets counted in step 2

  4. Take the number calculated in step 3 and multiply it by two

  5. Add an additional 18-20 inches to your calculated lace length. Steps 1-4 will give you the length needed to thread the laces from the bottom to the top of your skates, but doesn’t account for the extra lace needed to tie your skates. We recommend 18-20 inches as this will give you about 9-10 inches to work with on each side when tying your skates, which should leave you with a perfect sized knot.


If the number you end up with doesn't exist for purchase, we generally suggest rounding up to the next largest size. The only exception to this is if the number you calculate is only a couple inches bigger than a length below it. For example, if you end up with a final measurement of 110”, it would be better to drop down to 108” laces than jump all the way up to 120” laces. 

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • My brother wants to join a hockey team in a few weeks when he finishes his training. I liked that you described how we’d find the right length for our hockey skates’ laces, so I’ll make sure my brother’s aware of this. I appreciate your information on measuring the length between the bottom eyelets. https://2112hockeyagency.com/projected-player-salaries/

    Eli Richardson

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