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Wayne Simmonds Stick Spec Check

Wayne Simmonds Stick Spec Check

What stick does Wayne Simmonds use?

The Leafs have a shot at getting past the Habs tonight in the first round of the playoffs and we just happen to have a handful of Leafs pro stock sticks!

The Wayne Train joined the Leafs at the beginning of the 2020-21 season. He made the switch from Warrior to Bauer at the same time, but we got our hands on some of his Covert QRL sticks dressed as an Alpha DX SL (custom Toronto plugs included).

The code on Wayne's QRL is T4QRX, with the X meaning 'Extra Stiff Blade'. It's usually a player preference feature that can be attributed to 'puck feel'. The bottom of his shaft seems to be blacked out a bit more than a usual DX SL. He uses a 100 Flex and had it cut down in the factory to 60" (Bauer stock height).

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