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Try The CCM P19 Curve

Whether you used the P19 in the past and were forced to switch to a P29, or have always used a P29 but want to switch it up a bit, the HockeyStickMan wants to suggest to you Blade 10 on our site. CCM's P19 is tough to find at retail these days, so HockeyStickMan is your best bet on finding this old gem.

The P19 "Nugent-Hopkins" pattern was phased out for the more popular P29, and because they are so very similar there simply was no need to make the P19 pattern widely available anymore. The P19 is essentially a milder version of the P29 (Blade 1) with a shallow mid curve, a moderately open face and a rounded toe. The curve on this blade starts a little earlier towards the heel than the P29, but they are otherwise virtually identical, even when held next to each other.

Blade 10 (P19) is a mild curve which makes it great for all aspects of the game and usable for just about any type of player. Due to the versatility of this blade, you will notice it is easy to get accustomed to and is even a great option for beginner players. Blade 10 has a deep enough pocket to aid in your stickhandling and shooting skills but is still shallow enough to not hinder your backhanded shooting or passing.

The P19 is regarded as the "Nugent-Hopkins" to some, but because the curve is no longer offered at retail, you wont find it under that name in many stores. We at HSM have found various pro players that still use this curve meaning we can offer them to you at unbeatable prices. Look for Panarin, Tarasenko, or Hagelin Pro Stock sticks (among many other Blade 10 options) on our site today to get your hands on the most versatile curve in the game for the best price. 

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