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Top Sticks Released in 2021

     2021 was a difficult year for hockey in the professional world, but also for those playing minor hockey in different towns across the country. Many of our customers may not have been sure if they wanted to upgrade to better gear simply because there was not much hockey being played in 2021. However the lack of hockey did not stop the big players in the hockey stick industry from staying up to date and creating new sticks for when hockey does return. 2021 was a crazy year for sticks with top companies implementing brand new technology making their lightest sticks ever, and not taking a break from serving the hockey world. Oh, and Bauer put another hole in their blade!

     If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your hockey stick, there is no better time than right now to do your research and find the best stick from 2021 that suits your playing style. Speaking of research, look no further as we delve into the specs of some of the best sticks from 2021 to help you understand what stick is right for you.

     Starting off strong we have True hockey that continues to emerge as a top competitor in the hockey world offering sticks so great, players like Mitch Marner can’t stop using them. The anticipated Project X from True hockey did not disappoint and is a great option for a quick shooter that controls the puck throughout the game. Weighing only 355grams this is True’s lightest stick to date and one of the lightest on the market. True also updated a staple stick in their product line, introducing the Catalyst 9x. Making a light stick is the easy part but making it durable is another story, True implements their precision laminate design and Xcore technologies to prevent premature foam breakdown In the blade and increase the strength of the entire stick while at the same time making it lighter.

     CCM made some huge moves in 2021, releasing new sticks in all their product lines to cater to every type of player in the best way they know how. Starting with the CCM Ribcor Trigger 6, featuring CCM’s low kick point. This stick is designed for the player who releases quick snapshots and wants to catch the goalie off guard when steaming down the wing. The Ribcor low kick point preloads the fibres near the bottom of the stick to speed up to loading process when shooting, which also means the shooter doesn’t have to lean into the stick as much as a high or mid kick point. Next is CCM’s Jetspeed FT4 with a unique hybrid kick point, the kick point on this stick can actually change based on the weight applied and hand placement. This stick is so versatile it can be used by any type of player which is why it is one of CCM most popular sticks. CCM also implemented new skeleton+ technology to create a light stick with improved feel when handling the puck. Last is CCM’s mid kick point super tacks used and adored by superstar Connor McDavid. The CCM tacks line is known for their incredibly flawless mid kickpoint and they only ramped things up with the new AS4. A great fit for those who take their time with each shot and want to explode the puck at the net, compared to a low kick point designed for the quick shooter. CCM implement their new skeleton technology as seen in the ribcore trigger 6 providing a more durable stick for when you take hard clappers or dig for the puck along the boards.


     Bauer released a couple notable sticks in 2021 and shocked the hockey world once again by releasing another stick with a hole in the blade. Bauer certainly likes to stay creative but let’s find out if the infamous sling stick is for you. Weighing a mere 375 grams this stick is lighter than most sticks on the market, the sling stick is designed to making loading your shot easier and quicker due to the sling effect which is provided because of, you guessed it, the hole in the blade. Providing more control with less effort, this stick is best used by sharp shooters and those who like to control the puck in both ends of the ice. Another anticipated stick drop of 2021 is the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite with a low kick point. Weighing 385 grams Bauer stated this stick increases release speed and durability by up to 20%. Bauer uses a taper technology which uses less material to make it lighter but also reduces torsional flex, so the blade stays square to the target, providing increased accuracy.


     STX went all out recently with their New Halo stick, weighing 380 grams it is their lightest stick to date, and the best part is they have incorporated a seamless on piece construction that was previously only offered to the pros. STX has a technology called silver streak that places a proprietary resin along the full length of the blade to increase durability. The STX stick may not be the most popular, but it is a great choice at a cheaper price tag.


     Warrior stepped up their game in 2021 releasing the all new Alpha LX Pro designed for explosive shots. This stick is great for slapshots as well as the quick wrister due to the low kick point. Warrior uses their Sabre taper II technology creating the low kick point with a stable release for all hard shooters, plus it’s a cool name for technology. Warrior says the material used in this stick is more dynamic and elastic than anything they’ve made before offering a great feel for all parts of the game.


     The tenth stick of 2021 is the Sherwood Rekker Element One. Sherwood uses their blackline xxv carbon fibre in the shaft and blade, as well as their featherlite XT technology to provide a lightweight stick that is incredibly durable. This technology uses thinner fibres wrapped in a tighter form to increase its response to stickhandling and shooting. The Sherwood Rekker is a great stick for many aspects of the game and for someone looking to save a bit of money while getting a top end stick, the Sherwood Rekker makes for a great option.

Now that you know more about your stick options for the 2022 hockey season you can check out HockeyStickMan for Pro Stock and retail sticks that will suit your needs at unbeatable prices. HockeyStickMan is always seeking to offer the best deals as well as offering the best specs from pro players, check our website today and elevate your game.

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