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The Proper Hockey Stick Flex for Kids

The general rule is that your hockey stick should be approximately half your body weight. However, we've seen thousands of pro players using sticks that are far less than half their body weight.  Considering their power and upper body strength, how much flex to body weight ratio should a young player have? 

The chart below outlines the recommended flex you should be playing with based on your height and weight:


Understanding Flex - The flex rating on a stick is the amount of pounds of pressure it takes to bend the stick one inch. We call this "loading the stick".  It takes 25, 35, and 45 lbs of pressure to "load" a "Youth" stick as compared to 50 or 55 lbs of pressure to load a standard Junior stick

Player's Height and Flex - The taller the player the more leverage he/she has to "load" the stick.  You will see in our chart that shorter players require less flex than taller players.  

Note: This is just meant to be a guideline.  As players, we know that personal preference is still important, but this is a great starting point. 

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  • Great info, my son can really fire the puck he 4’11 140 lbs and using 50 flex should I get another couple sticks for him at 65 flex and would be better he hasn’t complained about the flex but just curious he uses CCM Mcdavid pattern

    J Sereda
  • Hey I am a 5.2 100 lbs 12 year old boy. I can’t find a 45 flex that is long enough. If I get a 40 flex and cut it it’s too short. If I get a 50 and add extention it’s too long. Do you know what to do?

    Jack D'Arcy
  • Vladan you are right on. As kids get to this age they require intermediate length sticks and junior flex, but there is no such animal, at least not with a name on it that a 12 year old wants!
    On a side note, who makes a chart with feet in tenths…too much math for my little brain!

    Jim Morrison

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