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Shea Theodore Stick Spec Check

Shea Theodore Stick Spec Check

What Stick does Shea Theodore use?

Theodore is playing 20+ minutes a night alongside Brayden McNabb with the Golden Knights as they make another run in the playoffs this year. He uses Bauers religiously, now going with the Flylite with tactile corners grip after making the jump from an ADV (see our Spec Check from last year). He has stood by the trusty P92 like many other NHLers and the 95 flex seems like a solid fit for the 6'2" 195 lb VGK d-man.

The 24 on his stick code means this is his 24th version of Bauer stick. His ADV dressed as a 1X Lite was his 17th version, so he has tried seven different specs over the last year alone.

His loyalty to the Bauer brand came through when asked about switching brands by the Athletic in their article about the recent stick shortage.

“It would be tough,” he said. “I remember my first year as a pro, I was trying to switch to Warrior. They sent me like six different models, with different flex points, and it just didn’t feel right. My last year in junior I switched to Bauer, and I liked that. I had to go with CCM my first year of pro because I was in the American League. But then in my second year, when I was going up and down, I asked if I could have the exemption so I could have just one stick, and they gave it to me.”

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