Sharpening & Profiling Your Skates at HockeyStickMan
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Sharpening & Profiling Your Skates at HockeyStickMan

Sharpening & Profiling Your Skates at HockeyStickMan

Why should you get your skates profiled and sharpened at HockeyStickMan?

HSM is a proud partner with Elite Blade Performance Technology, offering the world's best system for precise blade profiling and consistent sharpening. Our machines at HockeyStickMan are the very same machines that power the NHL's Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and over 50 pro teams in North America.

The at-home automated sharpening machines are convenient, however, it is this automation setup that doesn't allow for any real-time changes to be made as the sharpening is happening. The E-S4 machine from Elite scans the blade profile to get the most accurate read on the angles of the blade. When changes are detected, the machine adjusts its position as little as a millimeter to ensure it is removing the correct amount of material during every pass.

Additionally, sharpening by hand leaves room for natural human error. Unlike any sharpening machine in the world, the E-S4 machine maintains the integrity of the blade profile and its performance characteristics from one sharpening to the next in a way that is impossible for any other machine to achieve.

Elite's grinding wheels are made of an advanced steel alloy with a synthetic diamond coating allowing them to maintain their shape for their entire lifespan, leaving no question that it'll be a perfect sharpen every time.

Powered by Elite, we can sharpen your blades in 12 different hollows from ⅜ to 1 1/4”.

With sharpening times hovering around the two minute mark, the Elite machines are able to decrease wait times for each and every customer. 

HSM is also proud to offer 16 different styles of profiles, with each offering their own unique advantages. When selecting your profile, you're also able to select your forward pitch, between 0-3 degrees, depending on your preferred stance. Our profile machine offers that same level of perfection when preforming profiles. Elite profile templates are laser cut and CNC-machined to tolerances of 2/1000th of an inch for guaranteed consistent results. 

The Elite profiling machine mounts to the blade to their own profiling template. Removing the steel from the boot creates more space in the machine, allowing up to two sets of steel to be profiled at any given time. 

Similar to our sharpening, this system can profile your set of blades in 10-12 minutes decreasing lines and wait times.  

We are proud to be one of the first companies to offer this technology at the retail level allowing you to get the same performance as hundreds of pro players. 

With all this Elite technology, we are still proud to offer skate sharpening at $10 and profiles at $35, so swing by our Toronto Showroom at 532 Evans Ave in Etobicoke, or our Belleville Warehouse at 365 Maitland Drive in Belleville.


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