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Shane Wright Stick Spec Check

Shane Wright Stick Spec Check

What stick does Shane Wright use?

This 17-year old is already being dubbed as the 'next next one'. Shane Wright was granted exceptional status as a 15-year old in the 2019 draft and he did not disappoint after being selected by Kingston, putting up 66 points in his shortened 58-game rookie season. Wright also captained the U-18 Canadian team in 20-21 U-18 Worlds, notching 14 points in 5 games played alongside some of the next best stars.

Wright has used the Alpha DX through the start of his junior career and has been able to get his hands on some of the limited edition DX Golds to match his junior squad's colors. We have a handful of these in stock and in great specs - W28 (Blade 6) and 85 flex.

I'm sure we will be hearing more about this young man in the near future and we look forward to seeing what he does along the way.

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  • Used a Gretzky/Gilmour curve from college to a lot of years in beer league. When they were unavailable after wooden blades were out, used a Datsyuk Ultra Tacks. Have you seen any of these around, new or used? I would even take a broken one and have it fixed. Can’t find that low lie with a slight curve anywhere.


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