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Rebecca Johnston Stick Spec Check

Rebecca Johnston Stick Spec Check

What Stick does Rebecca Johnston use?

Rebecca Johnston and her Canada teammates took Olympic Gold with a 3-2 win last night against the US. Johnston is one of a handful of veteran players on the Canadian roster who will be adding a 3rd Gold Medal to add to her collection in Beijing. A mainstay in the Canadian side, Johnston collected Olympic wins in 2010 and 2014, and finished with 10 points in 7 games this year as Canada cruised to victory.

Johnston uses the fairly straight PM9 curve, which remains popular in the pro women's game even though it has fallen off at the retail level in recent years (see yesterday's post for more on this pattern). Despite the smaller intermediate 67 flex shaft, this stick is actually 1" taller than Bauer senior stock height (61" total), and of course features a custom Canada flag graphic.

The intermediate flex, extended height shaft is a trend we have noticed from pro women's players, and is something that we'd love to see introduced at the retail level. It's nice that pro players (and HockeyStickMan customers!) are able to access these custom builds, but the female hockey player market has been underserved for years, and it stands to reason that if this is how the top players in the world want their sticks designed, that amateur women's players would benefit from greater access to them as well.

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