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Mike Green Stick Spec Check

Mike Green Stick Spec Check

What Stick does Mike Green use?

Mike Green had a long and successful NHL career spent mostly with the Caps and Red Wings, and was known as one of the league's premier offensive defensemen. What better day to take a look at his specs than the Green-est day of the year?

Green was known to be a bit of a stick fanatic, and continued to used his preferred Easton Stealth CNT sticks for over a decade after they stopped being produced at retail in 2007 (we're sure lots of Easton lovers can relate). While on the prowl for more of those, he sampled many sticks to find a worthy replacement, including these twigs from True.

In terms of specs, Green uses a standard P92-style curve with 95 flex (Blade 1 on our site, TC2 in True). Like many old-school players, Green prefers a glossy non-grip finish on his shaft, as is the case here.

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