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Kevin Shattenkirk Stick Spec Check

Kevin Shattenkirk Stick Spec Check

What stick does Kevin Shattenkirk use?


D-Man Kevin Shattenkirk has put together a nice career for himself since being drafted in the first round by the Avalanche. Now with the Ducks, Shattenkirk spent the bulk of his career in St Louis before winning a Cup with Tampa Bay in 2019-20.

Shattenkirk has spent much of the past few seasons with Bauer sticks, but experimented with the new Catalyst 9X earlier this year. With a TC2 curve (P92/P29 equivalent) and 95 flex, his specs are exactly what you'd expect from an NHL defenseman. Where things get a little interesting is the choice to go with a matte non-grip finish. Popular a few years ago, this ultra-slick finish is tough to come by these days, though it is a fairly common request we get from customers seeking it out specifically.

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