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Kevin Bieksa Stick Spec Check

Kevin Bieksa Stick Spec Check

What stick does Kevin Bieksa use?

In a special #ThrowbackThursday edition of the Spec Check, we take a look at Kevin Bieksa's Synergy GX. This is one for the Easton fans and the fans of the old Drury curve!

Prior to Bauer acquiring Easton, Bieksa religiously used Easton's Synergy line and even after the acquisition, he continued to use the GX build we see here with a Bauer graphic. Since he was an absolute maniac on the ice, it doesn't surprise us that he used a 110 flex on a stock height stick. The old school heel curve fans will love the E6 Drury Curve he used as well which CCM later cloned because of its popularity (CCM P6).

Bieksa was known to bite his stick on the bench (swipe over), drop the mitts when he needed to and even secured his first pro contract with the Canucks by one punching Fedor Fedorov in a parking lot after a Manitoba Moose game (according to Brian Burke). For those reasons and more, it seems like this stick is the perfect fit for one of the most interesting players in the modern NHL. 

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