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Johnny Gaudreau Spec Check

Johnny Gaudreau Spec Check

What stick does Johnny Gaudreau use?

Johnny Hockey has emerged as one of the NHL's elite scorers, crossing the 40 goal and 100 point millestones this year for the first time in his career, before scoring the game winner to send the Flames to the second round for the first time since 2014-15. The diminutive winger's electric play style has made him a fan favourite since his Hobey Baker winning days at Boston College, and a worthy subject of today's Spec Check.

As one of the league's smallest players, Gaudreau's specs are dramatically different than the average NHLer's. In a league full of big men using stiff sticks, Gaudreau uses the opposite - an intermediate 58" stick with 65 flex. Seems to do the trick for Johnny!

In terms of pattern, Gaudreau prefers a P88-style mid curve like seen here on his True Project X with AX9 graphics. In addition to True, Gaudreau has used Warrior, and more recently CCM sticks. In fact, the Warrior W88 curve bears his name - a rare example of a player who actually uses a retail curve named after him.

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