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Jaromir Jagr Stick Spec Check

Jaromir Jagr Stick Spec Check

What stick does Jaromir Jagr use?

Jaromir Jagr is a legend of the game, not just for his goalscoring prowess, but for his signature on-ice style. From the mullet down to the stick, Jagr is one of the most recognizable players in NHL history and has been a fan favourite for over 30 years now. 2nd in all-time NHL points, and first among European born players, the Czech sniper is now plying his trade at age 49 as player-owner for his hometown HC Kladno in the Czech Extraliga.

From a legend like Jagr, you'd expect some awesome specs and this stick fits the bill. Jagr is a big guy at 6'3, and took advantage of his frame with an extra long 68" shaft at a surprisingly whippy 80 flex. The blade on this stick has a gloss finish and Jagr's distinctive big open toe curve with a square toe. The curve has proved popular among Jagr's NHL peers, including with his compatriot David Krejci.

Jagr is a known stick fanatic who has caught heat from the NHL in the past for using bigger-than-legal curves. There are tons of pictures out there just like this one, where he has a pile of sticks prepped for the game and somehow determines which one will be the weapon of choice that night. In fact, when I was working at the Vancouver Olympics, I was able to witness some of Jagr's pre-game stick selection ritual, which involved lighting a candle on a table full of sticks and seeing which stick would end up with the most wax on it.

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