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How to Fit Hockey Shoulder Pads

Hockey Shoulder Pad Fitting Guide

Determining the correct size of hockey shoulder pads requires knowing your chest measurement in inches, as well as your height or weight.

To measure your chest, wrap a soft tape measure around the widest part of your chest, just below your arms. Make sure the tape measure goes around your back as well. Combine this measurement with your weight or height to find your appropriate shoulder pad size. Refer to the sizing chart provided below for guidance.

It's important to note that this measurement alone may not account for personal preference.


 Size Height Chest
Small 5'2" - 5'6" 34" - 38"
Medium 5'6" - 5'10" 37" - 41"
Large 5'10" - 6'2" 40" - 44"
X-Large 6'0"+ 43" - 48"


 Size Height Chest
Small 4'2" - 4'6" 24" - 30"
Medium 4'6" - 4'10" 26" - 32"
Large 4'10" - 5'2" 30" - 35"


 Size Height Chest
Small 3'4" - 3'7" 23" or less
Medium 3'7" - 3'10" 23" - 25"
Large 3'10" - 4'2" 24" - 28"


What is the proper way to fit hockey shoulder pads?

When it comes to fitting hockey shoulder pads, it is important to achieve a snug fit while ensuring proper mobility and protection. The shoulder pads should be positioned in a way that the tips of the shoulders sit securely beneath the shoulder caps. They should not hinder movement or interfere with the elbow pads. Additionally, the collarbone area should be adequately covered, and the midsection straps should be snug but not excessively tight.

When trying on a pair of shoulder pads, it is recommended to test your range of motion by swinging your arms and simulating shots. This will help determine if the pads are comfortable and stay in place during movement.

In general, hockey shoulder pads are available in various fit profiles that cater to different positions and playing styles. A traditional fit tends to be bulkier, offering more protection and is suitable for physical players. On the other hand, a contoured fit is closer to the body, providing a streamlined design for speedy wingers. For those who value both power and agility, a tapered fit offers a balanced option with a higher-volume upper half that tapers down into a lower-volume bottom half.

Major manufacturers such as Bauer and CCM have developed shoulder pads with these different fit profiles in mind. For instance, the Bauer Vapor and CCM Jetspeed lines feature anatomical and lightweight shoulder pads, catering to players who prioritize speed and mobility. Conversely, the Bauer Supreme and CCM Tacks lines offer larger and more protective shoulder pads, making them suitable for defensemen and physical players.


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