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Colton Parayko Stick Spec Check

Colton Parayko Stick Spec Check

What stick does Colton Parayko use?

On the other end of the spectrum from last week's Gaudreau Spec Check, we have this piece of lumber from Blues D-Man Colton Parayko. The St Louis Alternate Captain played a key role in their 2019 Cup run, and will need to continue to be a physical force on the blue-line if St Louis wants to come back against Colorado this weekend.

Parayko uses the classic P92 "Sakic" curve loved by so many hockey players, but his 112 flex and 67" shaft are anything but standard. In fact, at 6'6, Parayko gets a special exemption to use a stick that long in the NHL, which got teammate Vladimir Tarasenko in trouble a few years back when he tried to use Parayko's stick in a game.

In terms of construction, this stick is a Vapor 1X build with a custom Blue Geo graphic. We have seen Colton with a few different St Louis blue Bauers this year, but it appears as though it is always his preferred traditional Vapor build.

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