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Charlie Mcavoy Stick Spec Check

Charlie Mcavoy Stick Spec Check

What Stick Does Charlie Mcavoy use?

Bruins D-Man Charlie McAvoy has been a key member of Boston's blue liners since debuting in the 2016-17 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Since then, he has established himself as a an elite NHL defenseman, and will looking to set up more goals like this one last night if the Bruins are to have any hope of advancing over Carolina.

McAvoy has stuck with CCM's Jetspeed line of sticks pretty consistently since breaking into the NHL. Now mostly using the FT4, his 95 flex and P29 curve is about as standard as it gets for a pro player. In recent years, McAvoy has moved from a traditional "T" shaft with tactile grip to a more rounded "R" shaft with standard grip finish. McAvoy has also had the same custom namebar for years, featuring his number 73 and CM logo with a special white and Bruins Gold font.

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