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Bauer PM9, the Straightest Curve on the Market

Bauer PM9, the Straightest Curve on the Market

If you have struggled with finding the right curve in the past or you're looking for a modest curve that suits your playing style, HockeyStickMan would like to suggest our Blade 3 (Bauer PM9 "Stamkos", CCM P14 "Duchene", Warrior W01 "Scheifele" etc) as great mild curve, perfectly suited for playmakers.

The PM9 is an old school curve that actually isn't seen much at retail anymore, but that doesn't mean it isn't still highly sought after.  It does pop up from time to time at the pro level, and remains one of the more popular patterns in the pro women's game, which means we usually have a pretty decent selection in this pattern at intermediate flexes.  

This curve is also very comparable to Sidney Crosby's pro custom curve as he has always opted for a straighter blade. For more on Sidney Crosby's curve check out our blog post here

It is interesting to note that CCM calls this pattern the P14 "Duchene", though it is not to be confused with Bauer's P14 "Toews".  This blade is a very slight heel/mid curve with a round toe and slightly open face. A quick look at this blade and you can tell it is the straightest curve offered at retail, which is exactly what its proponents are after.

This curve is seen less at retail each year, but is still used by various pro players meaning HockeyStickMan is often your best option for finding a PM9 to level up your game. Due to this curve being so straight, we often see pro players add their own variation to the toe, such as adding a toe kink to help with their ability to shoot the puck and raise it with this blade, especially in tight (ie the infamous Ryan O'Reilly blade).

Given the demand for this pattern from our customers, it was a no-brainer to make it available (Blade 3/P9) in our Pro Blackout line of sticks, where it is one of our top-selling curves.

Although the PM9 is not designed for stickhandlers we often hear reports of players cutting a stick with this curve shorter than normal (a couple inches below the chin) because this helps keep the blade flat on the ice when it is tighter around your body. 

The P14 by CCM or PM9 by Bauer is the perfect stick for any playmaker as making and receiving passes with a flat blade can be much easier. If you are the type of player who excels in setting up their teammates and racking up assists (especially on the backhand), the HockeyStickMan strongly suggests giving Blade 3 a try on your next twig.

Check out HockeyStickMan today to view our collection of Blade 3 sticks and decide if you want to make the switch!

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  • Please explain why the LIE of a hockey stick is exceedingly difficult to find on any website or any retail or online experience. LIE is perhaps the most important number on a stick but retailers refuse to provide it. I require a lie 5 and cannot play with a lie 6. I have only been playing hockey for 60 years so i sorta know what I need. I will NEVER buy a stick online if I dont know that number. Any thoughts?

    J. Fair
  • I cannot find PM9 sticks anymore (Bauer). I switched to Warrior W01 but I don’t like the low kick point! I also like a high flex! So, help me locate a PM9 – 5 lie -mid kick point – 100 flex

    Carmen DelPlato
  • You need more blade 3 sticks in stock, other than the pro blackout. That would be fantastic.

    Manuel Amorim

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