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Bauer P89 and Warrior W04 return?

You're looking for a new curve. Bauer's P88 has been a staple but you hear about players picking up the P89 again after it was virtually extinct. It makes you wonder if this curve is worth looking into as an option for your game. 

The Bauer P89 (Eberle) or Warrior W04 (Vanek) can be found as Blade 16 on HockeyStickMan when browsing our store.  It peaked in popularity in the early 2000s, and had all but disappeared from the market until re-emerging as a popular option for pros this season.

Blade 16 is a mid heel, open face curve that has a squared off toe. This type of curve makes for harder and more accurate slapshots, but is also useful for backhands and little flick shots when tight around the net to get the puck over the goalie's shoulders. 

When using the P89 you will notice more room and contact points for the puck when stickhandling, making a more comfortable feel with the puck. A lot of users also report how much they love the bit of rocker near the toe that Blade 16 offers. This rocker gives players just enough curve to help out but not enough that it becomes a burden on their shots. 

Overall, The HockeyStickMan suggests trying the P89 if you're looking for a little more comfortability and the ability to raise the puck in close with ease. 

Blade 16 is almost impossible to find at any retail store, but is becoming more and more popular among pro players this season after a few years out in the cold. This means if you are looking to try the P89 (Eberle) or W04 (Vanek) the HockeyStickMan has you covered with Blade 16 today and fall in love with a new curve. 

For more on each type of curve, check out our blade chart at HockeyStickMan


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