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Akim Aliu Stick Spec Check

Akim Aliu Stick Spec Check

What stick does Akim Aliu use? 

Former Calgary Flame Akim Aliu made news in 2019 when he spoke out about racism and culture problems in hockey, but at HockeyStickMan he will always be best remembered for his wicked custom specs.

As shown in the picture, Aliu used one of the biggest toe curves we've ever seen on a composite stick. The major bend at the end of the blade looks like a classic "got stuck in the door" curve that usually requires a heat gun and a steady hand, though Aliu's of course came like this straight from the manufacturer.

The white blade on the RBZ gives this stick an even more striking appearance, and Aliu's "Dreamer" namebar is featured, as it is on all of his sticks. We also have some max blade variants of this pattern, just in case this one isn't custom enough for you!

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