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A More Durable Hockey Stick - Team Stock

A More Durable Hockey Stick - Team Stock

Johnny comes up with the puck, breaks for the net, oh! He is taken out and slams into the boards hard! Both mom and dad are looking on in the stands, they gasp at one another horrified and you can tell they are thinking the same thing...…"I hope he didn't break his stick"!  But it doesn't have to be this way, we can get back to worrying about the child's head and limbs before the dread of breaking another $300+ hockey stick.....

What is a Team Stock Hockey Stick?

Team Stock hockey sticks are elite level sticks designed with reinforced materials made up of the latest innovations in carbon composite technology for optimized durability and performance. They were created for use at the Professional, Collegiate, and Junior level to offer greater strength for the demands of high level hockey.  

Why do Bauer, CCM, and Warrior make Team Stock Sticks?

Hockey stick breakage has created major budgetary concerns across all teams and leagues so the major stick manufacturers have offered up "Team Stock" as a solution.  The material they use is slightly less expensive and they only offer stock patterns (no custom curves) so hockey clubs can provide their players with free sticks at a lower price.  They also should see less break throughout the season and save a significant amount on their budget throughout the year. Some leagues like the ECHL (hockey version of AA farm clubs) have mandated that they use Warrior Team Sticks through official partnerships.

What is the price of a Team Pro Stock Stick?
Team Stock sticks cost less than full custom sticks and therefore can be purchased from places like HockeyStickMan.com for great deals. Sometimes we get om these sticks in extremely large volumes, so we are able to discount them and put them into our Super Sale.  

Should my son or daughter use Team Sticks?

If you beginning to get frustrated with breakage then we suggest considering these sticks as an option.  They can be particularly effective for boys aged 13+.  It is at this age where we start to see them breaking more sticks and it can be very frustrating for whoever is paying the bills.  Our take is that these sticks are good enough for many players throughout Pro, Junior, and College, so why wouldn't it be good for them? An important thing to note is that if they make the next level they will likely at some point play for a team who use them. 

*Special note - during COVID 19 many players are purchasing these sticks for training as a high performance stick that can handle a lot of reps on the driveway net!

 What is the difference between Team Stock and Pro Stock?

Pro stock sticks can come in both Team Stock and Custom.  Custom pro stocks are built similar to the top of the line retail models, are more expensive, lighter, and as the name suggests can be customized.  Full custom pro stocks allow players things like, their own curve, maximum allowable blade height, different types of grip, taller lengths, shaft geometry, and even color and graphics.  

What type of sticks do NHL players use?

Full Custom Pro Stocks

What type of sticks do AHL players use?

Mostly Full Custom Pro Stocks

What type of sticks do ECHL players use?

Team Stock Sticks 

What type of sticks do NCAA players use?

Most D1 hockey programs offer their players full custom.  All D3 and a handful of D1 programs offer Team Stock. 

What type of sticks do USports players use?

Team Stock Sticks 

What type of sticks do CHL players use? 

A mix of Team Stock and Full Custom depending on the team and their operating budget. 

What type of sticks do USHL players use? 

A mix of Team Stock and Full Custom depending on the team and their operating budget. 

What type of sticks do CJHL players use? 

Some Canadian Junior Hockey League teams provide Team Stock Sticks while the players are responsible to purchase their own sticks.  

In recent years major manufactures have started to make team stock sticks available at the retail level.  As someone who doesn't like to see people having to spend to much on their stick I think that is an excellent move forward in the industry - hopefully this post helps inform you folks and the next time you buy, you consider a team stock option.

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