December 11, 2016


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Hockey / Floorball Trick Sticks (Zorro Blade)


The big gift on all young hockey players list this year.....a Floorball stick with a Trix+ / Zorro blade.  A growing trend fueled by social media, so here is the HockeyStickMan's opinion of the product.......

When I was growing up there was a large culture of criticism for too much stick handling, as players we were encouraged to "dump the puck" and make the easy plays, old school systematic hockey, and I hated that.  But today's game has changed into an NHL that encourages creativity and raw talent, and we are seeing this in a wave of new young players emerging as top players on just about every NHL team in the league now.  So creativity, fun, and seeing just what people can do......I say bring it on!

When I worked at BC Hockey we used to play Floorball in our High Performance camps. It was a way to have a little off ice fun but while continuing to focus on the game.  Kids don't think of playing around with a floorball stick as practice but when doing it they are developing their skills.  When I first tried the trick stick I found that I really enjoyed playing around and trying a few things, and really addicting (not that I am prepared to showcase my talents or anything). 

We worked a deal to get 300 of these sticks in before the holidays, so I am able to sell them off at $64.99 as a holiday deal to our customers, amazingly we have sold through most of what we brought in and I am working on getting more! 

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Note: Click here for a How To Zorro Video from Pavel Barber 

December 07, 2016


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Christmas Shipping Information

We strive to get all of your orders out on time throughout the holiday season.  We use FedEx Ground and Express therefore anticipate that the holiday volume should not affect your orders.  Here are some dates that you should know; 

Last Day to Order before Christmas 

Monday Dec 19


  • No guarantees to remote areas
  • Refurbished sticks may not be ready. If you want a refurb and note that you have flexibility we will get something to you in time though. 

HockeyStickMan Closed

  • Sunday Dec 25 
  • Monday Dec 26 
  • Sunday Jan 1
  • Monday Jan 2
  • Tuesday Jan 3 
  • Wednesday Jan 4 

Have a happy and safe Holiday Season! 

October 21, 2016


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The proper hockey stick flex for kids

The general rule is that your hockey stick should be approximately half your body weight. However, we've seen thousands of pro players using sticks that are far less than half their body weight.  Considering their power and upper body strength, how much flex to body weight ratio should a young player have? 

The chart below outlines the recommended flex you should be playing with based on your height and weight:


Understanding Flex - The flex rating on a stick is the amount of pounds of pressure it takes to bend the stick one inch. We call this "loading the stick".  It takes 25, 35, and 45 lbs of pressure to "load" a pro flex stick as compared to 50 lbs of pressure to load a normal junior stick. 

Player's Height and Flex - the taller the player the more leverage he/she has to "load" the stick.  You will see in our chart that shorter players require less flex than taller players.  

Note: this is just meant to be a guideline.  As players, we know that personal preference is still important, but this is a great starting point. 

Learn more
September 17, 2016


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Hockey Stick Coupon Codes

Below is a list of new pro stock sticks we got in September, as well as all available discount codes 
KIDS STICKS - PRO FLEX ONE - 25, 35, 45 Flex!

USA - Click here 

Canada - Click here 


discout code: feelthatflex
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INSIDERS GET $30 off 2 Sticks: 
discount code: take2tacks
NEW - CCM Ribcor 40K 

Click here

INSIDERS GET $30 off 2 Sticks: 
discount code: take240k
NEW - Warrior Dynasty HD1 

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discount code: warriorprosale
NEW - Warrior Covert QR Pro

Click here 

discount code: take2qr 

Insiders get $20 off!!! 
discount code: newleftheel
A lot of our NHL / AHL sticks coming in are from players that use a heel curve / round toe.

For a limited time we are offering $20 off our (Blade 4) sticks, including: 

Easton - Parise / Drury 
CCM - Galchenyuk / Phaneuf
Bauer - Staal / P91A 
Warrior - Grandlund
Reebok - H19 / Phaneuf  

Click here for a full list 

* does not include Blade 7 (square toe), blacked out or refurbs. 
The above are all brand new / never used pro stock sticks.  


Click here to learn more about refurbished sticks 
August 05, 2016


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After 5 years of working with Pro sticks we have decided to manufacture a JR stick.  We will likely run with the same concept that has made HockeyStickMan successful, get the best sticks, minimize costs, and sell for the cheapest rate.  These are going to be high quality true one piece carbon fibre sticks with flex ratings of 25, 35, and 45.  

We are getting close, but now I need 2 min of your time for 2 chances to win a stick:


Thank you! 

July 29, 2016


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Blacked Out Pro Stocks - Now $69.99

What you need to know: 

  • Available in Senior | Intermediate | Junior (Only $60)
  • Made of lightweight high grade carbon fibre excellent performance
  • Most customers that visit the shop buy them! 
  • On sale now and selling quickly
  • Curve pictures on the site
What you DON'T need to know: 
  • The brand - its a known brand, but we cannot disclose who makes them. 
  • Warranty Info - because there ain't one!  
  • Color - they are all black


It's as simple as that folks! 

Introducing Clearance Priced Hockey Sticks

HockeyStickMan is proud to announce the HOCKEY STICK CLEARANCE SECTION 

Our site is designed as one big "everyday sale" but sometimes we are able to source good deals on large quantities and sell them off quickly at crazy low rates (not to mention we need a way of rotating our inventory).

Every stick that we have in stock at one point was selling for $250+, our clearance section offers sticks at 50-70% off the MSRP, here is how the clearance section works; 

1. Listing the "Classics"

Offering many of the older model sticks that you fell in love with but can't find anywhere else: 

Reebok Ribcor         |        Reebok A.i.9         |         Reebok 20K         |      Reebok 11K

CCM CCM U+ CL     |        CCM RBZ              |         CCM RBZ Stage 2

Easton RS2               |        Easton V9             |         Easton Synergy Elite 

2. Discount and Tiered Pricing 

In 2016 we brought in a lot of the following, therefore they have all been discounted to move.  Some patterns, in particularly custom / heel curves are priced even lower as an added incentive for people to buy; 

CCM Ribcor 40K      |        CCM Tacks            |          CCM RBZ SuperFast

Warrior QR Pro        |        Warrior DT1LT       

* Tiered pricing refers to the ability to get $20 more off the stick when you purchase a heel / custom curve pattern. 

3. Two / Three Packs 

When we have a lot of one particular item we package them up in 2 and 3 packs and sell them for cheaper.  You pay the same amount in shipping so you might as well take advantage; 

2 and 3 Packs 

4. Mystery Sticks 

Want a good stick but don't want to spend any more than $100 bucks.  The HockeyStickMan has you covered.  Our blade pattern classification system allows you to choose the type of curve and flex you want and we send you out a top of the line model stick in those specs, and 90% of the time you will get a stick that is more $$$; 

Mystery Sticks

5. Goalie Sticks 

Simply put, we buy everything, which often includes dozens of packages of goalie sticks.  All tendy twigs we bring in are pretty much clearance priced all the time, many of the sticks listed price is exactly what we paid for them; 

Goalie Sticks 

April 23, 2016


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Spring Pro Stock Stick Sale



Hundreds of Pro Sticks available!

A few include: 

Andrew Shaw Ribcor-$105 
Andrew Shaw 40K-$125
PK Subban Reckoner-$135
Linden Vey Reckoner-$135
Pat Kaleta 40K-$125
David Jones 40K-$125
C. Conacher Tacks-$125
G. Reinhart Tacks-$125
Biega Ultra Tacks-$135
Bo Horvat RBZ-$90

 For other's email:

April 23 - It's that time of year again!  HockeyStickMan has sourced a large stock of Pro Stock Hockey Sticks over the past few weeks from various Pro, College and Major Junior teams and we want to start moving them! 

Not only are we making them available to customers for less than half the suggested retail rate, but now you can get an additional $25 off plus FREE SHIPPING!

Use the coupon code: springprosale for $25 off each stick. 

Our philosophy remains simple: buy up large quantities of pro sticks, minimize operating costs, no marketing or advertising and our group of loyal followers will clear them all out. 


Available Sticks include: CCM Ribcor Reckoner, CCM Ultra Tacks, CCM SpeedBurner, Warrior Dynasty HD1, Warrior Covert QR Pro, Warrior Covert QR1, and many more...  

Note: free shipping is only when you buy two or more ($250+)   

March 31, 2016

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How to measure goalie stick paddle height?

The measurement method used to determine goalie stick paddle height varies by brand. For example a 26" CCM is not the same as a 26" Bauer.  That is why many retailers (like us) have created a standard way to measure your sticks to ensure your getting the right size.
How to Measure:
Place your stick on the floor with the curve facing downward. Measure along the back side of the paddle from the bottom of the blade to where the paddle meets the shaft. See illustration above.
Note: the measurement is right where the paddle meets the shaft, not where it flares out at the bottom or the top, keep the measuring tape strait from that point.  

The Goalie Stick Paddle Size Chart 

Coming soon to HockeyStick University - How to select the right goalie stick size. 

As always we welcome questions, comments, and feedback to this post. 

Thank you. 

The Top 10 Hockey Sticks of 2015!

This is HockeyStick Universities 2nd edition of the most popular sticks of the past year.  We have talked with equipment managers all throughout the Pros, College, and Junior level hockey, as well as hundreds of players, hockey stores and pro shops.  We also polled our loyal insiders through social feeds and after all that here is our list:


1. Bauer Vapor 1X

Just like in 2014 the Vapor line is King.  This should shock no-one as the highly anticipated release of the 1X in 2015 was very successful.  Patty Kane has been helping matters by rockin' it as he dangles his way nightly onto sport highlight reels everywhere! The Pro Stock models come in custom colors that just pop off the grey base, the perfect stick for someone looking for a unique twig to turn heads as they take the ice. 

When the APX2 hit the sale racks they were scooped up right away and gone....


2. Bauer Supreme MX3


You may think that a stick released in 2014 would have a tough time being the most popular of 2015.  But were talking about the Bauer Supreme here!  Since the day's of a young Eric Lindros and that black wooden stick kids have been begging their parents for a top of the line Supreme, and they rarely disappoint. 


3. CCM Ultra Tacks 

This stick is the yellow and black you see in the hands of players all throughout the NHL. Its super light and highly sought after! The Ultra Tacks is the next level of the Tacks line CCM introduced in 2014.


4. CCM Ribcor Reckoner / 40K

The Reckoner is the latest stick from CCM, announced in the fall of 2015 and took over from the Ribcor 40K, which we strongly endorse as one of the best sticks we have seen in the past 5 years, due to its balance of durability and performance.  The Ribcor line was released as a Reebok stick in 2011, and was the most popular they ever had.  


5. Easton Stealth CX


Hey Easton, thank you for bringing back the Stealth.  Undoubtedly one of the greatest performing stick lines ever the problem with the Easton Stealth's were always about durability.  Now that its back the CX is supposed to be reinforced to address these concerns, and so far I would say great job! 


6. Bauer Nexus 1N / 8000


The 1N was released in the fall of 2015 and is the most expensive stick on the market today.  We've been noticing that a lot more Pro and College players have been choosing to use the Nexus line, which is generally a sign of things to come.  Normally a loyal Easton user I myself have fallen for the Nexus 8000, which was the top of the line Nexus for a good part of 2015.  Many will argue that this should be higher on the list?


7. Warrior Covert QR1 / Pro

After what appeared to be a declining interest in this scrappy hockey stick brand 2015 saw some resurgence with the Covert QR line.  Most notably the QR1 and QR Pro models.  Warrior identified the strength of the Pro Stock market and their Pro line is allowing retailers to sell Pro model spec sticks.  

. CCM RBZ SpeedBurner 

The CCM / Taylor Made partnership was simply awesome and made us all want to try out the RBZ.  Since then they have released the RBZ Stage 2 (2014 2nd place stick), SuperFast and now the SpeedBurner.  All great sticks, and you should know that you can't go wrong with a top end RBZ.  But when releasing new models every 8 months it can be difficult to keep up with. 

9. Warrior Dynasty HD1 / Pro 



Warrior again! Hey these guys make great hockey sticks.  I've been playing with the HD1 for the past few weeks and I just love the thing.  They don't have the brand power of the CCM's or Bauer's but a lot of people like them, including quite a few players in the show.  

10. The COLT 2 


COLT 2 hockey sticks feature a nano metal layer of protective coating over a top end composite hockey stick.  This innovation was featured in many major publications and various TV segments throughout 2015 (Ex. Dragon's Den and Hockey Night in Canada). There were sightings of NHL players trying them in games and despite the fact that they are only for sale online they continue to be a a stick that buyers consider.  I have to admit that there is some person bias here, I love what these guys are doing and promote them to my followers whenever I can.

So there you have it folks.  These are the best hockey sticks that you can find, and in my opinion you can not go wrong with any of them!    

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