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what sticks do the top nhl players use?

What sticks are the NHL's top point getters using?

Like any product, when you are buying a new stick, it's always a good idea to see what the experts are saying or using themselves. In the case of the hockey stick, it is pretty easy to pick out some of the top brands in gear and sticks by the players that are using them.

We took a quick look at the current points leaders in the NHL (as of May 4, 2021) to see what the top pros are using on a game-to-game basis. Though most pros like to go for the newest, top-end stick, some of the results from our twig spotting professional research study (sitting on the couch, watching hockey while enjoying a few Locker Room Lagers) may just surprise you.

Almost half of the players on the list are actually using older model sticks, so it just goes to show you that even the pros won't change things up too much when they find a stick they love.

(Photo: Adam Hunger/AP)

Sidney Crosby is well known for using a Ribcor Reckoner since Adidas decided to migrate Reebok out of hockey to focus solely on CCM. We just recently sold out of the few remaining variants of Crosby's pro stock stick, but we have other specs available in the Reckoner if you're interested in taking one of them for a spin.

Connor McDavid is also well known for his older stick model choice, sticking with an original Super Tacks. He has tried a few of CCM's newer sticks, but has always come back to his trusty Super Tacks. Let's be serious, though; if you could do things like this with an older model stick, would you change it up?

We can't promise that you will be able to do things like that, but you can pick up a Super Tacks off of our website along with plenty of other older model options and give it a try.

Nathan MacKinnon has been sticking with the CCM Trigger 3D as of late, but has been testing out other brands in practice and during a few games now, as spotted by @prostocksticks on Instagram.

Auston Matthews is known for testing out brands throughout the year, as is his teammate Mitch Marner. We would list all of the brands that Matthews has used over the past few years, but instead, you can always check out our current inventory of his pro stock sticks from CCM, Bauer, Warrior and STX instead.

NHL Points Leaders by Stick Brand - Top 10 (As of May 4, 2021)

1. Connor McDavid - CCM Super Tacks - 93 points

2. Leon Draisaitl - Warrior Alpha DX SL - 75 points

3. Nathan MacKinnon - CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D/Warrior Alpha LX - 65 points

T4. Patrick Kane - Bauer Vapor HyperLite Prototype - 64 points

T4. Mitch Marner - TRUE Project X - 64 points

T6. Auston Matthews - CCM FT4 Pro (Custom Graphics) - 63 points

T6. Brad Marchand - Warrior Alpha DX - 63 points

8. Sidney Crosby - CCM Ribcor Reckoner - 60 points

T9. Jonathan Huberdeau - CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro - 59 Points

T9. Mark Stone - Warrior Cover QRL (Dressed as Warrior Covert QR Edge/QRE 10) - 59 Points

T9. Mikko Rantanen - Bauer Supreme UltraSonic/Bauer Supreme 2S Pro/Sherwood Rekker M90

Written by: Kevin Baxter

Kevin is HockeyStickMan's Content and Marketing Coordinator. Though his playing career was average at best, he has continued to take part in the game as a Level 3 Referee, casual beer leaguer and gear nerd. Baxter attended Laurentian University, earning an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Sports Administration and prior to joining HSM, worked for the AHL's Belleville Senators.

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  • Did any NHL players use H&B back in late 40s, early 50s?
    I ask this question because I recieved one as a gift and was told a Detroit Red Wing player used it in a game?
    Thanks for any information you may gather.

    John Crossley

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