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The Pro Blackout™ Hockey Glove Has Been Unleashed

The Pro Blackout™ Hockey Glove Has Been Unleashed

Introducing the newest member of the Pro Blackout line-up.


The Pro Blackout Glove

Pro Blackout™ Gloves

A pro-grade hockey glove with a 4-roll design, that gives you the best performance for the best price. Couple these with one of our top selling Pro Blackout Hockey Sticks, and you’ll be the stealthiest player on the ice.

Pro Blackout™ Glove Highlights:

  • Pro quality from the manufacturer
  • Overlay on palm for increased durability
  • Section fingers for better grip and mobility
  • 4 roll design for traditional and comfortable fit
  • Minimal graphics to let your play do the talking

What the Pro Blackout™ Glove brings to your game:

  • A pro level hockey glove for increased protection, feel, and performance
  • A BIG savings for your bank account (Top gloves now retail at $300…absurd, we know)
  • Your own sleek style on the ice
  • An HSM Approved Product – This means staff and hockey professionals within our network have used this glove and loved it. We did what we do best now, and made it available to our customers at an unbeatable price

The Background Story:

Over the past 2 seasons, our Pro Blackout hockey sticks have dominated as our top-seller. We wanted to find ways to provide other high-performance gear at unbeatable prices. After talking with manufacturers throughout the industry we discovered one of the most popular gloves, used by 1,000's of players throughout pro and college level hockey. We have brought these gloves in, manufacturer-direct, to ensure our customers get the best pricing for a high-performance Pro Stock glove.

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1 comment

  • You have a 404 error on your left drop-down menu rendering it impossible to access the purchase page for these gloves I’m trying to get back into inline hockey and tend to go overkill on protective equipment I try to find good used gear when I can or I end up waiting years for parts I’m curious about these gloves

    Joe Hain

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