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Introducing New Retail Locations - East Toronto, Barrie, and Orillia


HockeyStickMan is very proud to announce some new locations to the fold!

Toronto East

For all you customers in the east end of the GTA we have teamed up with a beauty shop called Markham Pro Sports.  I met Taylor (Owner/Operator) at the Primetime Sports Conference, found that he does Maximum Edge sharpening (so in other words gets tons of traffic) and runs a top end hockey store, a good fit for us!

Click here for more their location and more info

Barrie, Orillia, and Area 

For some reason this area has been very good to us over the years (tons of interest) and one of our customers took a particular interest! A retired gentlemen (Randy Routcliffe) with a love for hockey and a distaste for the ever increasing cost of playing it.  He wants to spread the offerings into his community and has since managed to get three locations up and operating (more Maximum Edge sharpeners), hes even been attending tournament and events to spread the good word.  

Click here for their locations and more info

Providing its the right fit for both you and HockeyStickMan we take on new locations from time to time, to learn more contact me directly at or call my cell at 613-403-3949. 


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