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Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate

Product image 1Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate
Product image 2Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate
Product image 3Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate
Product image 4Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate
Product image 5Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate
Product image 6Warrior QRE Super Light - Intermediate

Regular price $ 179.99

**Please note image is of QR Edge but graphics are QRE Super Light unless otherwise specified in product variant
  • NEW STICK - This product is brand new/never used
  • DESIGNED FOR ELITE PERFORMANCE - The Warrior QRE Super Light is a top of the line hockey stick. It has been created to give players of all skill levels the very best performance and is currently being used by many pro players 
  • LATEST MODEL - The Warrior QRE Super Light is the most recent model 
  • DIRECT FROM THE LOCKER ROOM - Most our sticks are unused stock sourced from a Pro, College, or Junior team 
  • GRIP FINISH - Sticks are grip unless otherwise specified in the variant details 
  • FAST SELLING STICKS - This stick will have a high level of inventory fluctuation, we will be getting them in throughout the year and they sell quickly

        HSM Blade Chart

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         Blade Pattern Equivalent Curve Type  Lie Picture

        Blade 1

        P92 / P29 / W03 / TC2


        Lie 5.5 - 6

         Blade 2

        P88 / P80 / P40 / W88 / MC


        Lie 5.5 - 6 

        Blade 3 PM9 / P14 / W01 / E4 Mid-Heel Lie 4.5 - 5
        Blade 4 P91A / P15 / P6 / W05 / E6  Heel Lie 5-6
        Blade 5 P12 / P45 / P38 / W16 / E9 Mid Lie 5-6
        Blade 6 P28 / W28 / TC4 Toe Lie 5-6
        Blade 7 P02 / W02 / E5 Heel Lie 6-7
        Blade 8 P106 / P50 Heel Lie 5-6
        Blade 9 P14 / P49 Toe Lie 5.5 - 6
        Blade 10 P19 / H11 Mid Lie 5-6
        Blade 11 P46 Deep Mid Lie 5-6
        Blade 12 P90T (Pro Benn) Mid Toe Lie 5.5-6
        Blade 13 W71 Deep Mid Lie 5-6
        Blade 14 P08 / P77 / TC3 / Crazy Ovi Toe  Lie 5.5 - 6
        Blade 15 P30 / Parise Toe Lie 5-6
        Blade 16 P89 / 044 Mid - Heel Lie 5-6

        Stick Height and Grip

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        • Regular Height is a 61" shaft (Approx. 66" total) 
        • Pro Stock Extended = 64" shaft (Approx. 69" total) 
        • Pro Stock Double Extended = 66" (71" or more) 

        Please Note:

        • All sticks come with grip finish unless otherwise specified in the variant

        Shipping & Warranty

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        We understand that often times you may need a stick right away, therefore we strive to get sticks packaged and sent out as quickly as possible!  We continue to make this our focus and continue to get quicker and more responsive.  If there are any questions or concerns we phone the customer right away. 

        When your order is completed you will get a confirmation email with tracking information.  


        HockeyStickMan is happy to service customers every day with orders being shipped throughout North America and Internationally (some exclusions)

        Hockey Sticks are kind of a funny item to ship, expensive to send you just one, but pretty much the same cost to ship 2, 3, 4 or 5. Therefore we charge a flat rate of $19.99 for Ground ($21.99 with Signature) and $29.99 for Express (within most areas of the United States and Canada).  

        Signature Required for shipments is now offered to help protect your shipment delivery. If you do not select signature required and FedEx has a proof of delivery we cannot cover.


        The high cost of shipping makes it difficult to process returns/exchanges.  Our business practice (operating on thin margins) doesn't give us the luxury of being able to cover the cost of shipping on returns or exchanges. We will consider returns and exchanges on a case by case basis and work with customers to find a suitable solution.


        Refurbished Sticks - We stand behind our workmanship with a 35 day warranty on the repaired portion of your stick.  

        Pro Stock Sticks - In the interest of getting you a stick for as cheap as possible our costing structure has been established without warranty.  This is standard industry practice since they do not come with a manufacturers warranty. Would love to do more, but the sticks just cost us too much to bring in to replace.   


        While we hope that every customer gets the most out of their stick, high performance composite sticks are subject to break.  The HockeyStickMan guarantees to make it up to you if you have a bad experience.  In other words should you get a stick (Pro Stock or refurbished---that breaks within your first week or two) then we will offer you a gift card to our website to help reduce the cost of a replacement.  

        If it breaks in our repair within 35 days (which is rare, but if it does happen it is usually right away) you will get a free replacement. 

        For further questions about warranty email us at

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