Warrior Dynasty HD Pro (Refurbished)


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The Warrior Dynasty HD Pro is a pro quality hockey stick with an easy flexing mid-kick point that produces high velocity slap shots and one timers. 

If you're looking to play with one of the best sticks in the world today but don't want to spend the money than consider buying this product. We collect broken sticks (that are otherwise in great condition) and fuse them back together in a way that minimizes impact on flex, weight, stiffness, and of course appearance. It will far outperform any other $60 hockey stick on the market, you wont even be able to tell the difference!

To good to be true? Try it! Not only will you be one of the thousands who come back for another but your likely to tell your friends and teammates about us as well.

We offer a 35 day guarantee on the repair and will stand behind our work should you ever have any issues!

* Please put players height in the notes section at checkout along with any specific requests (E.g., Grip)

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