Warrior Dolomite HD


The Warrior Dolomite was a unique stick that was designed for the shaft to withstand a lot of abuse and a more durable High Density blade. In its day the Warrior Dolomite HD quickly became the choice for over 100 Pro Players.


  • HD blade with angel hair technology is more rigid than traditional foam core blades
  • Precision low kick point concentrates flex energy low in the shaft for maximum release force
  • 5-Skin composite protection provides maximum durability and protection

We did a search online and couldn't find any of these original Dolomite HDs available for sale in retail or pro models.  We didn't get a lot of them in, so expect that they will move fairly quickly. 

Please note:

  • Pro stock.  Comes customized with pro player name and may be in various colors. No warranty. 
  • Sitting in storage and shipped across the country. Sticks may come with various marks or scratches.  

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