Warrior Covert DT1 LT


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Simply a great revolution in the history of the Warrior stick line! The Covert DT1LT features all the best in composite hockey stick technology including; uni-directional fibers that enhance a super low flex and recoil, internal composite structures that allow for stronger and lighter blades to create superior balance, carbon plated surface adds strength and prevents cracking, bullet proof fibers wrap bottom of blade to resist continuous impacts on all shots, lightweight solid core keeps blade stable on impact without compression.

Please Read:

  • Sticks come in grip unless otherwise specified
  • Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufactures warranty, and may show the pro players name instead of pattern code 
Stick height
  • Unmarked is Regular Height = 61" shaft (Approx. 66" total)
  • 64" Is Pro Stock Extended = 64" shaft (Approx. 69" total)
  • 66" - Pro Stock Double Extended = 66" (71" or more)
  • Note: cutting extended length pro stock sticks do not increase flex!

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