Unique Value - COLT 3


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***A Unique Value Proposition!


Like its predecessors, the COLT 3 features an elite performing, specially designed, one-piece composite hockey stick where the blade, hosel, and bottom 24" inches of the shaft (hack zone) are fully encapsulated with COLTS patented Nanovate™ NiCo technology 

  • The COLT 3 combines the latest in composite hockey stick design with aerospace engineered nanomaterial to give you the the most high performing, durable hockey stick on the market today – and it’s backed by an industry leading 60-day warranty.


FOR THOSE SICK OF BROKEN HIGH PERFORMANCE HOCKEY STICKS. At HockeyStickMan we believe in what COLT Hockey is trying to achieve.  They are comprised of brilliant engineers who have had success working with composite materials in all different industries.  Because they are passionate about our game they have managed to release the most technologically advanced hockey stick on the market today, its focus is not to break, while still giving you uncompromising performance. 

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