TRUE XC5 ACF Grip Junior Hockey Stick


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The TRUE XC5 ACF Junior Hockey Stick is ideal for the playmaker seeking accuracy, puck control and durability.


  • TRUE's patented Axenic technology results in consistent internal walls for unmatched balance, optimal strength and pure flexural energy transfer.
  • Utilize 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber with SmartPly technology that optimizes flex/energy transfer and torsional response, with top of the line impact strength.
  • Foam core with patented XCORE technology: compressible urethane insert embedded into the core of the blade starting in the heel and extending just past the center. This combined with Dual carbon fiber rib structure results in ultimate accuracy, puck control and "wood like" feel.
  • Constant Flex technology- Mid -Low kick
  • Blade Wrap: 100% 3K carbon fiber

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    Type: New Sticks | $150 - $200

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