True A6.0 SBP (NHL) (2 Pack)


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The Ultimate Shooter's Stick. Superior Strength. Optimal Balance. Maximum Power. 

STRENGTH - The A6.0 SBP stick incorporates TRUE Hockey’s BRT blade technology, producing the longest lasting and most consistent blade we’ve ever made. The player’s benefits are extreme impact strength and consistency in their shot.

BALANCE - The ultra-consistent wall thickness of TRUE’s one-piece construction optimizes stick weight. The A6.0 SBP offers extreme durability, with an ultra-lightweight feel for unmatched balance and optimized performance.

POWER - The top of the shaft is softer for easy energy loading, the middle is optimized for energy transfer, and the bottom is designed for no energy loss to ensure the puck explodes off the blade. The result is overall improved player performance and maximum power for all shot types.

True has made sticks for all the top brands for a number of years (CCM), as well as golf clubs shafts (Taylor Made).  Whether they do well or not is a matter of marketing, because the quality of these sticks are at least as good as anybodies, probably better! 

Please Read:

  • Most are Gen 2 True A6.0 from the NHL 
  • Sticks come in grip unless otherwise specified
  • Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufactures warranty

Stick height

  • Unmarked is Regular Height = 61" shaft (Approx. 66" total)
  • 64" Is Pro Stock Extended = 64" shaft (Approx. 69" total)
  • 66" - Pro Stock Double Extended = 66" (71" or more)
  • Note: cutting extended length pro stock sticks do not increase flex!

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