SPECIAL OFFER - Junior - Black Pro Stocks


***Now offering Black Pro Stocks in Junior - For only $60! 

This is a special offer from HockeyStickMan.  We are excited to have brand new, top end sticks, from well known hockey stick brand.  Since they do not want to promote which brand it is they have arrived without any graphics/paint.  They were manufactured in 2015 with the following specifications: 

Lightweight compression molded true one-piece composite construction

High Grade Carbon Fibre using a laminate design with a varying stiffness profile based on the position of the players lower hand (in other words the kick point changes based on the type of shot you are taking)

Carbon composite blade structure with 3 chamber foam construction 

Weight: 420-430 (depending on the pattern)

Height: 58" total height

Although they are pro stock constructed sticks all come with standard retail model blades: 


Blade Type 1 - E3 (Hall) / P92 (Ovechkin) / P29 (Crosby) / P19 (Nugent-Hopkins) 

Blade Type 4 - P91A (Staal) / E6 (Parise) / P15 (Galchenyuk) / W05 (Grandlund) 

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