Hockey Stick Coffee Table


***Cool Stuff Intro - we would like to introduce you to an item that has been designed and engineered by CentreIce Furniture.  To order;   


High end coffee tables for the home or office, featuring; 

Quality Craftsmanship 

  • Individually, hand-selected fine grain woods
  • Sturdy maple plywood platform support for table-top and sticks
  • Leg assembly is reinforced for added strength and stability of the tables
Compelling Design
  • Stick shaft inlay is meticulously balanced using multiple shaft sizes and top of the line brands and pro sticks
  • Tempered glass is shatter-resistant and visually enhances the multi-colored sticks
  • Easy on / off leg design, using solid brass threaded inserts with steel bolts for optimal stability and portability

We have a CentreIce coffee table in our showroom, it gets a lot of compliments and makes for a great conversation piece.  I see this as a nice addition for the hockey fan looking to add to an office, a classy looking ManCave, or Rec room.  Jeff and Steve approached this with the same passion and love for the game that all hockey stick artists/engineers do, but really take it to the next level as these are high end pieces. 

About "Cool Stuff": HSM is now established and getting thousands of visitors a day. So why not promote and show off other small business hockey ventures.  We want to help other like-minded innovators in the game, tell their story and introduce you to their products.  They are things that we have tested, worn, tried out and loved! 

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