Gongshow Hockey - Montreal Slippers


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Gongshow Hockey Apparel At Clearance Prices! 

As you take your suit off in the locker room; you do an "up and down" in your locker stall to make sure everything looks right. Inside the locker, a picture of your little brother and parents clings to the left side. Opposite of that, is a picture of your dad and you after a game earlier in the year, his proud face smiling at you. In the middle of the locker is a monthly team schedule outlining games, off ice training, and practice. Below that, a report card - you put it there to remind you that you need to keep marks up; you never know where life will bring you. As you throw on your gitch, and prepare to head out to start taping your twigs for tonight's game, you gently slip into an unreal set of locker room slippers - made specifically for hockey players to keep their feet warm while in the room and at home. 

100% Nylon Knit - Hockey Sock material Faux Fur interior lining Rubber Sole

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