Goalie - Bauer Vapor 1X (Refurbished)


Here you go tenders! We have brought in some of the new Bauer Vapor 1X sticks.  A refurb goalie stick has been broken in the upper shaft and fused back together using the same internal carbon fibre system that we use for player sticks.  A great buy for a goalie who wants to try the newest/latest/greatest but doesn't want to pony up $300 to buy it.

Stick Details:

The Bauer Vapor 1X goalie stick is one of the most engineered, designed, and technologically advanced stick on the market today. Featuring:

  • INNEGRA reinforced outer wrap
  • AERO FOAM 3 core blade for optimized balance and feel
  • Balsa core technology INNEGRA reinforced outer wrap
  • Arch paddle construction for optimal balance
  • Composite handle with carbon weave reinforcement
  • Control zone with GRIPTAC on shoulder
  • Double concave geometry for better feel

Please note - the repair affects the height of the stick

Standard Paddle Measurements
Bauer Listed - 26.5" = Standard Paddle Measurement - 26.5"

Left = catch with your left hand 

Full Right = catch with your right hand 

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