Developed by Luc Robitaille, Mark O'Neil (former LA Kings Equipment Manager), and a chemist from USC, Snap Wax is different than almost all stick wax in the fact that it does not harden at cold temperatures, unlike non-hockey specific waxes. When wax hardens on a blade, it still prevents snow and slush buildup from happening but puck feel is seriously compromised because the blade faces become too slick. With a slick blade, the puck doesn't grip at all and literally can just fly off your blade when stickhaldning or receiving a crisp pass. Snap Wax came out with a new formula that not only stays soft in cold temperatures but actually improves puck feel and gives a player a similar feel to that of a wooden blade.

  • Every batch is hand poured
  • Scented
  • Better passes and better dangles while protecting your stick and blade
  • 5 unique colours and scents
    • Blue - Grape
    • Orange - Tart Orange
    • Pink - Bubble Gum