Fischer CT750


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Fischer is the number one company in the world for skiing, and have now brought that technology into hockey.  Big in Europe and growing in North America,  Fischer is a premier partner of the International Ice Hockey Federation and their logo is on every stick!


CAP TECH - Cap Tech is a patented micro thin foil system wrapped around the shaft for more impact durability.

POLY AIR BOND BLADE - Poly-Air-Bond blade combines response with puck feel. Also for all inline surfaces such as inline courts or asphalt.

RHT - (responsive hosel tech) with a wider taper for stronger torsional stiffness, increased accuracy and response.

PRIMETEX - PrimeTex® carbon fabrics are thinner and more closely woven fabrics. 

Please Note: 

  • All sticks come in a slight grip 
  • These sticks come with No Warranty

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