Exel TRiX+ Floorball TriX Sticks (with Trix Blade)

Exel (TRiX)

ALL EXEL STICKS ARE SOLD OUT, for other Trix / Zorro sticks '17 Salming Aero Z

(Just added 3 new LH 87cm) 

By extremely popular request HockeyStickMan has just sourced the ultimate TRiX stick handling tool demanded by active young players! As seen online in thousands of YouTube and Instagram videos, this proprietary curved TRiX blade allows players to perform unbelievable Zorro, Dangles and gravity defying stick handling moves. The stick used by most of the TRiX players followed online is now available here, and in true HSM fashion we are able to offer them at the lowest price on the market! 
  • Lightweight Nano Carbon shaft that combines ideal flexibility with strength
  • TRiX+ blade torsional stiffness leads to powerful delivery, while its legendary design ensures maximum ball control
  • Grip name: Double Grip System / Wrap Grip
  • Fabric: Carbon Composite
  • Size: Available in 87cm and 98cm
  • Color: White/Green
*Note to parents - this is not just a toy, these are top of the line carbon composite floorball sticks used by the top players in the game.  Floorball is very popular in Europe and quickly growing in in North America.  Floorball sticks are a great way to improve your kids game, and it just so happens to be a lot of fun!

Select 87cm for players less than 165cm / 5'4 tall
Select 98cm for players more than 165cm / 5'4 tall

Regulation floor-ball included with every purchase.

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