Easton EQ50


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The Easton EQ50 features all of what made the Synergy Elite and the SE16 so popular.  The retail models came with a focus weight technology system that had weights in the blade and the butt-end of the shaft.  None of the pro models that we have sourced out have this.  The result is that it is pretty much an SE16.  

PRO STOCKS - Play with what the Pros use! All of our pro stock sticks come straight from professional, college, or junior level teams. Pro stock hockey sticks are typically more reinforced to perform at elite levels, but they do not come with a manufactures warranty.

    Please note:

    • Some Easton pro stocks will come dressed as other models. HockeyStickMan goes by the product codes/stick tag on pro stock sticks
    • These sticks have been in storage and shipped across the country. Therefore there may be some marks and scratches on individual items

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